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"Increase your business revenue by data and user experience utilization."

Ahmad Sabbah

Hi! I'm Ahmad 👋

Over the past 18 years, I have helped many companies create addictive digital products to their customers, and I have also created two start-ups and successfully sold one of them.

I admire working on new and complex projects. Currently, I am working as an e-commerce manager for a start-up in Saudi Arabia, using my previous expertise in user experience design, sales , technology and digital marketing to help ARZAG PLUS to shift from B2C to B2B.

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Main Skills

As a passionate person to design intuitive solutions, I am eager to learn all techniques, methods, and trends that enhance the user experience and marketing. Below are my 4 top hard skills. For full details, please refer to my LinkedIn or download my CV.


Research & Analytics

I understand the problem, its context, and empathize with the user. Through competitive analysis, I explore and identify opportunities. Define the solution objectives and requirements keeping in mind business goals & users' needs.


Solution design

Create flexible, optimized and extensible solution, by working closely with the stakeholders, users and related personals.



Test solutions and beta versions with real users against actual problems. Mix insights with gut intuition and experience. Iterate and improve in pursuit of perfection.



Builds the deliverables, monitors, and controls the execution plan. During the execution, I follow several steps to ensure the project runs within budget and on schedule delivering the best solution that fulfills business  objectives.

My Cases Studies

 Paper Wireframe on sticky notes on my desk

Redesign the customer Experience for Arzag Plus business

16% increment in monthly conversions

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 Paper Wireframe on sticky notes on my desk

Building a Mobile Application With Strict and Short Deadlines

Do not miss a class or a homework

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Paper Prototype for the mobile application
UX & UI/ RESEARCH / Solution design

Building Faults Reporting System for Makkah Municipality

Decrease building faults reporting to 5 minute

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My Awards

Bronze Web Award 2006



I won this prize while being self-employed as Tasameem, in the Real Estate category, I designed and developed an animated photo gallery website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to show their work.

I learned a lot about image processing, image optimizing, and how people perceive art.

Bronze Award 2006



This prize introduced to me as admiration for Tasameem's website under the Art & Design category. I designed and developed it using Flash and Action Script. I was inspired, and still, by a lot of AWWWARD websites.

I learned any design idea can be implemented if I work hard on it.

Silver Web Awards 2007



Another prize as Tasameem, in the Transportation category, I designed and developed a renting private jets website using Flash and Action Script to rent private Jets and pay through the website.

It was an insightful experience creating this website and learn how businessmen value their time.

Latest Articles

Bronze Web Award 2006
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Bronze Award 2006
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Worked with

وزارة الشؤون البلدية والقروية
الدفاع المدني السعودي
Eastern Area Municipality
Holly Makkah Municipality
تطبيق أرزاق لتوريد المواد الغذائية
Al Jazeera Arabic


Muhannad Hantash , PMP®
Application Development Manager

Ahmed is a quite talented UX Designer and designers team lead, his dedication and sincerity is tremendous, Ahmed participates actively in almost all our solutions and projects with a high level of satisfaction from our end and the client's end. I believe he is a real added value to any technical team and I am totally sure that his career path will always tell a story of achievements and success.

Ahmad Nemreen,
Senior Front-End Developer

Ahmad is one of those rare leaders who also naturally serves asan inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With many years ofexperience, he successfully runs multiple portals, managesseveral teams, solves complex problems, As a leader, Ahmedearns my highest recommendation.

Rami Ghandour,
Founder / General Manager at Leading Technology Company

عملت مع احمد لفترة تقارب ال5 سنوات، كان مثالا للشخص المجتهد الذي يحب عمله ويعتمد عليه وينجز المطلوب منه في افضل وقت وافضل نتيجة،واعتبره من الاشخاص المثابرين ويعمل دائما على تنويع معلوماته وخبراته. keep it up Ahmad, and always waiting new things from you

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